Corporate Sword Fighters

Sword Fighters Australia is a specialist corporate training organisation that delivers leading training and motivational solutions in an engaging and challenging format. We teach practical business skills in an easy to understand, hands-on environment with the cerebral tactical planning of the Olympic sport of Fencing. Sword Fighters Australia offers a unique training solution within an adjustable framework with programs that can be tailored to your individual business needs and goals.


Engaging and Energetic :: Our programs are designed for active participation, not passive learning. By engaging participants physically, programs effectively communicate new skills and ideas. Get the endorphins flowing and see the motivation rise!

Unique :: Routine stifles employees interest and stymies business development. Fencing is a specialist sport few have experienced firsthand. Our programs take participants out of their comfort zone and provide rewarding challenges.

Builds Individuals into Teams :: Fencing is perfectly placed to develop team relationships and facilitate the translation of individual strengths into a team framework.

Develop Direction Culture :: SFA works to build your company’s direction, culture and facilitates the identification of goals, challenges and direction.

:: PROGRAMS :: Corporate Program “The Business Touche”

Energise and motivate your team with this accessible introduction to fencing. Learn the basics of fencing in a fun and educational environment and discover the benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone and broadening your horizons. Perfect for the team looking for new challenges in an engaging environment.

The Corporate Program is also the perfect conference break energiser. Struggling to keep your team alert and interested during intensive training programs and conferences? This is the perfect program to re-engage your team. Designed as a break between proceedings this program draws upon proven theories of engagement and physical activity. This program is fast and flexible to suit your needs. We come to you at the location of your choice and tailor the content of our program to your requirements.

Time: One - Two Hours
Inclusions: All fencing equipment and refreshments.

:: PROGRAMS :: Team Building “Get the Point”

Motivate your results orientated team to work more effectively towards goals as a group. This program engages your team and encourages active participation as they learn the key skills and attributes of a successful team:

1. How to clarify goals
2. How to build ownership across the team
3. Indentification of inhibitors to teamwork
4. Indentification of individuals strengths and how to combine them electively to achieve team goals.

This activity is excellent for new teams to help form relationships as well as for established teams looking to take it to the next level. Fencing is the perfect team-building activity as the majority of participants are new to fencing and this creates a neutral field to build relationships. The unique program sparks discussion amongst team members and encourages collaboration amongst the team.

Time: Allow up to 4 hours
Inclusions: All fencing equipment and refreshments plus a light meal.

:: PROGRAMS :: Business Environment “Stay en Guard”

Your business is only as good as your people. Invest in your most important resource with our range of partner business trainers. With a carefully developed and vetted network of experienced trainers and speakers we can put together the perfect training program that can take your employees to the next level while keeping them focused and interested.

Let us take the hassle out of organising a training day. We take care of everything, from selecting a venue that is convenient for your workplace, to recommending and organising a respected and valuable trainer or speaker and all administrative tasks such as organising transport and meals.

- Industry specific training from leaders in their fields: sales, legal, finance, retail, hospitality and many more
- Business development
- Leadership training and talent indentification
- Essential skills for business success
- Customised programs

Time: Half or full day programs available
Inclusions: All fencing equipment as well as all meals and refreshments.

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