Chris Jones experience and patience makes him a wonderful swordfighting coach, his sense of humour allows the participants of his workshop to have fun whilst learning an exciting skill. No matter what age Chris's easy manner allows every participant to fence in his own way.

Sherridan Green
Creative Producer :: Gasworks Arts Park

At Fun4Kids Festival 2008 Sword Fighters Australia provided one of our most unique and popular workshops ever! Chris was a great instructor whose ability to work with children of all ages made these sessions at the event fun, educational and inspiring. We had only booked workshops for the first half of the event and as the program manager I was disappointed that I hadn't secured sword fighting workshops for the whole 8 days. They will certainly be invited back again in 2009. Congratulations on a unique product which was as much fun to watch as it was to participate in!

Lisa McLeod
Program Manager :: Warrnambool City Council